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February 07, 2014
Professor James Speck, Dr. Toufik Sadi, Professor Jukka Tulkki, and Mr. Pyry Kivisaari are pictured here after the Special Nitrides Seminar. Dr. Toufik Sadi (Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland) gave a talk on "Emission enhancement and plasmonic losses in InGaN quantum wells coupled to metallic gratings," followed by Mr. Pyry Kivisaari (Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland and visiting researcher at UCSB) who gave a talk on " Monte Carlo-drift-diffusion simulation of electron current transport in III-N LEDs."

February 07, 2014
University of Notre Dame Professor Debdeep Jena is pictured here with Nobel Laureate Herbert Kroemer and Professor Umesh Mishra. Professor Jena was an invited guest who gave a Nitrides Seminar on "New results on III-Nitride physics and devices using MBE heterostructures."

January 27, 2014
TechConnect Innovation Spotlight: Embedded Photonic Crystals for Use in LEDs and Lasers
by Regina Ramazzini
University of California at Santa Barbara, TechConnect World-National Innovation Summit 2013, Washington, DC Full story
January 28, 2014
Professor Umesh Mishra joins New Nationwide Research and Manufacturing Consortium
Professor Umesh Mishra is one of several directors in the New Nationwide Research and Manufacturing Consortiums. UCSB Joins New Nationwide Research and Manufacturing Consortium. The Next Generation Power Electronics Institute is one of three federally funded public-private consortia planned by President Obama to boost the U.S. economy. Full story
January 21, 2014
Wide bandgap semiconductor video
Here is a video explaining "Wide bandgap semiconductor." You may have read in the news about how UCSB is a part of the new U.S. manufacturing innovation institute for the next generation of power electronics. This video will provide an inside look at why semiconductor tech is important for energy savings. watch the video
December 5, 2014
Whittier Chair Lecture: Umesh Mishra watch the video


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